Case Study - Real Estate Investment Firm Wants It All

A New York Based Real Estate Investment Firm wants it all. The client in this engagement has an active real estate investment business; they buy, sell, rehabilitate, rent and leases homes, as well as mentoring other investors.

The client needs a digital infrastructure to keep up with their growing business. This is a full-service engagement where BBG will guide their brand development, marketing and technology strategy and implementation.

BBG began this engagement as we do all such projects of this scope, by performing an in-depth SWOT analysis of the clients existing operations and business environment. We need to understand the driver’s of the client’s business as well as they do, and approach these drivers from a new and fresh perspective so that we can identify the disruptive, high-leverage activities that need to be prioritized, and the unnecessary, dilutive or wasteful activities that need to be either forsaken or fixed. 

The approach for the client:            

Technology: Clean and Focused today, scalable and robust so it can keep up with their needs for tomorrow.

Branding: Update and streamline, breathe new life and focus into this family run operation by introducing a new and cohesive identity, and integrated into the clients daily world by leveraging big-company style best-practices. 

Marketing: Establish the right mix of PR and advertising, channel and content to directly drive leads for this client while constantly increasing overall brand equity.