Case Study - Employee Benefits Supplier in Crisis

A category leading New York City based employee benefits company, with sales in the hundreds of millions annually, is having a client-relations crisis with their largest customer.

A mission critical application, handling benefit issuance and tracking for the client’s flagship product, isn’t performing adequately. A system supporting tens of thousands of monthly active users is on the verge of collapse. The client's largest customer with over 400,000 employees is threatening to find another benefit provider. 

The client is losing money every month due to system failures and poor controls. Worse the client is at risk of losing their largest customer, as well as the ability to market their marquee product due to poor user experience and a lack of confidence on the part of both customer and supplier.

A BBG Consulting team is called in to assist. Over the course of a six-month engagement BBG saved the client an estimated $6 million, orchestrated the rebuilding and optimization of the software applications, and played a pivotal role in returning confidence to both the supplier and customer relationships for the client.