Sell With Integrity and Value Sell With Integrity and Value

Delivering Value Drives Sales

In almost all sales interactions the person being sold is aware that the sales person's primary motivation is to sell them something. It is likely the subtext of the conversation, and something else is the surface texture. Mediocre sales (and marketing) people will center the interaction around themselves or their product.

They sell what is good about themselves, their skills and talents. Better sales and marketing pros wil center the conversation around the benefits to the user of the product being offered. They will sell not just themselves, and not just the features of the product or service that they offer, but importantly they will focus on the benefits to the client.

Still better sales people will try to make those benefits tangible. They will try to provide examples that are at least close enough to your business or industry that you don't need a vivid imagination to be able to see why the features and benefits they are selling are relevant to you specifically.

There is still another level, to which the best sales people aspire, and where just a precious few actually exist. They are the ones that spend a few thoughtful moments understanding who specifically they are addressing. They seek to have some idea of who YOU are before they start the conversation. This gives them the opportunity to put their sales 'pitch' for lack of another term, into terms that will be truly relevant. The best of the best might even actually provide you with some real value through the course of the sales conversation.

To use a real world example, the sale process for the outside sales reps in my company begins with looking up a prospect or client in our CRM. Depending on the initiative that they're working on, it will likely include an addtiional short (one to three minute) process, the rep looks at the prospect's website, perhaps their social media profiles, and possibly even does another level of queries on competitors, or on profitable keywords in the prospects industry. I've gotten all sorts of feedback to this process, including "do you really take that much time with a manual process" or questions to that effect. The short answer to all of those questions is "Yes." 

This brief process allows our sales people to be genuinely engaging, to have more meaningful conversations with our prospective customers, and ultimately to set more appointments.

People use a whole host of tools to be effective in the course of selling. Embracing humor as a vehicle to engage prospective clients is a time honored tactic, but it's largely standard, and most business people don't have time to listen much in the way of jokes or humorous stories from a sales person.

Business owners need a good reason to have their time occupied by something other than managing their business. Providing some sort of insights, making honest observations and having genuine interest in a prospect's business can turn what usually feels like an uncomfortable sales pitch into a lively and valuable discussion.

Infusing your outbound sales process with a knowledge of how to do these things, can help your establish a new footing for your sales team. Taking people with the appropriate personality traits, and giving them a well-defined process that works is the most basic paradigm for success in outbound sales.