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The relative popularity of web content is primarily influenced by algorithms that act as the internet’s traffic cops. Chief among these are the algorithms used by Google: PageRank, Panda, and Penguin, have the greatest ability to influence the reach and popularity of content, followed EdgeRank the algorithm that dictates newsfeed placement for content by Facebook.

There Are Plenty of Web Design No-No's, We're going to focus on ten serious mistakes that people still make all the time. If you find yourself doing any of the things on this list... STOP!

You're a blogger and you want to get more traffic to your blog and to your posts. Start by having a keyword strategy while writing your post. Here are some things to keep in mind to make better use of your blogging time. 

Everyone who works in internet marketing, advertising and really most people in business of any sort today have heard the phrase “Content is King.” The quote usually attributed to Bill Gates, circa 1996. Well guess what, it’s absolutely true, Content is King.

So if everyone has heard it before, and if everyone “knows” that content is king, why are we talking about it? Because you’d be hard pressed to know it, based on the tactics still at work in the Web-Design and SEO community today. Link exchanges still alive, technologists and web-designers that will claim that it’s acceptable to optimize a site after its layout is complete.

Without a Plan, Your Success is Being Left-Up-to-Chance!

Your Brand is the culmination of all of the ways that your customers and prospective customers perceive your business.

Time Management, making time to manage yourself. This isn't unique advice, but it's important enough to spend some time talking about. There are only just so many hours in a day, and after you've given up sleep and sitting down for hot meals, when you family stops recognizing you, and you're still not getting everything done, there's nothing left to do but re-assess your time management. 

Small businesses should produce advertising appropriate for their scale as well as their needs. Brand advertising, awareness advertising is expensive, and usually too expensive for small businesses to undertake in paid channels...

Here's a statement that seems so obvious as to be a given, but this is an area where most business owners lose points or fail all-together, in companies both large and small. 

There are a whole host of techniques that you can use to engage any audience more effectively, but knowing your specific audience is what separates the men from the boys (or the women from girls as the case may be). Finding your personal style is key to being a good presenter or sales person, being able to adjust your personal style to most effectively engage your audience is what makes a good presenter great. Here are some tips for how to approach different groups by one of the most easily identifiable as well as highly influencing factors, audience age. 

A key to enabling your small company's growth is to implement the best practices found in large organizations, especially in your company’s mission critical areas.