SBMT #1 - Plan for Success

Without a Plan, Your Success is Being Left-Up-to-Chance!

Your Brand is the culmination of all of the ways that your customers and prospective customers perceive your business.

Each time that a person interacts with your brand is called a touchpoint. Each touchpoint leaves a customer with some kind of a feeling about your business. It is up to you as a business owner to ensure that those touchpoints create a positive sentiment, and build value in the perception that those people have of your business.

Successful customer interactions don't happen by accident. If you want to have confidence that these touchpoints will be brand-building positive experiences for your customers, you must think about them, and prepare for them in advance.

The customer service departments of large companies are highly scripted environments, where consistency and service are secured by training and preparation. As a small business owner, if you are running a retail store, and you have employees interacting with and servicing your customers, you've probably taken the time to give them some amount of training.

This may all seem like common sense, but at some point in the preparation process, common sense becomes less and less common. Businesses leave to chance what they should be anticipating and making sure is consistent and consistently positive.

Think about all the different ways that your business touches your customers and prospects. When someone walks past your store, or calls you on the phone, or sees your delivery vehicle parked on the street. When your product goes out into the world, in it's packaging and quality. When your brand goes out into the work, whether it's three dimensional, or online, each instance helps create the overall perception of your brand.