Basic Keyword Strategies for Bloggers

You're a blogger and you want to get more traffic to your blog and to your posts. Start by having a keyword strategy while writing your post. Here are some things to keep in mind to make better use of your blogging time. 

Once you have a subject for your next blog post, follow these steps:  

  • Before finishing your blog entry, sit down and write an outline for your keyword strategy
  • Include Head (one or two word very popular, i.e. "SEO") Body (two or three word less popular, i.e. "SEO Expert") and Tail (longer key-phrases even less searched for, i.e. "SEO Expert in Westchester NY") keywords and phrases
  • Make sure that while writing your post you have your keywords in mind.
  • Use them without overusing them in your title and text, description and tags. 
  • Focus on keywords (head, body and tail) that fit with your overall site's content and SEO strategy.
  • Make sure your individual posts along with your overall strategy are focused enough to rank against the keywords and Phrases you are going after, don't try to boil the whole ocean.
  • Use Google 'Related Search Terms' to find search terms that others are using related to your best guess keywords 
  • Remember to carefully proof-read your post, spelling and grammar mistakes hurt your credibility with human and digital eyeballs alike.  

One of the most common ways that people fail to rank at all is because they spend their time going after too many search terms and keywords that are out of their reach.