Augmented Reality Marketing

What's next is an idea that's been bubbling in the movies for decades, but is about to become reality within the next year. Augmented Reality, overlaying the digital world on top of the real world in a seamless and intuitive way. Google has developed and will have on the market within the year

a product; Google Glass that begins to make this paradigm of everyday Augmented Reality a practical reality. Google Glass is a wearable personal digital device that gives the wearer tremendous functionality in an approachable and intuitive way, only slightly more cumbersome than the typical pair of glasses. 

Think of it, being able to stroll down the street and get the convenience of a digital assistant, search engine, navigator, film crew, all along for the ride without even having to reach into your pocket for a cell phone. Capture video from a first person perspective, while having both hands free. Everything is, or will be voice activated.

Google Glass does appear to be the next game changing hardware device, and it will inevitably be a platform for application, content and functionality that will be as big of a revolution as the onset of the mobile digital age. Based on patent filings and industry speculation, Sony is also planning to offer a competing device in the near term. Applications will quickly emerge that will allow content to be delivered to users actively, while they go about their daily lives. Likewise the onset of the Augmented Reality age will provide new opportunities or public relations, marketing and advertising.   

As a marketer or business owner, think of the tremendous opportunity for early adopters, and the potential threat to late or non-adopters. What happens when a customer strolls through your store shopping, while the barcode reader and comparison shopping application running in Glass, is adding items to a digital shopping cart. Sourcing from your cheapest online competitor, or even giving the wearer local as well as internet based alternatives to your product or service. 

Consider the possibilities of proactively utilizing the next great technology, and adopting ahead of any of your competitors. The pace of technology adoption is blinding. Rates of adoption that used to be measured over years or even decades are now measured over fiscal quarters. The threat posed by emerging technologies and well-backed highly creative competitors can be crippling. In some businesses being obsolete can happen overnight, Technology has become a giant maker as well as a giant killer. Large global brands can become relics overnight. The digital revolution and the smartphone camera doomed Kodak in a matter of a few years, and if that isn't a dramatic enough example, look at Sony, or look at Best Buy. 

On the flip side of the equation, look at Amazon, or companies like Zappos, where the efficient use of technology has given them astronomical growth, growth that would likely be impossible without technology